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  • 4box great pic
  • Aluminum deck and frame
  • Fiberglass deck available
  • Four fiberglass Premier Boxes
  • 600 gallon fiberglass main tank
  • 200 gallon drop tank split 150/50
  • Below-deck hand-wash
  • Step and Handle for easy access to deck
  • Two electric Titan hose reels with SS manifolds
  • 600 feet Orange 570 psi spray hose
  • Honda 5.5 h.p. manual-start engine
  • Udor Kappa 55 15 g/m pump


(Not exactly as shown. Chassis not included. Click on images for larger view.)


4box great pic2The truck shown here has an internal pump and engine with an engine cover. An alternative configuration is to have the pump and engine in one of the Premier Boxes, and the reels stacked in another Premier Box. That leaves a third Premier Box for chemical storage and the fourth for fertilizer storage. An optional under body chemical storage box can be added.

Advantages include:

  • almost all components servicable from the ground
  • corrosive fumes are isolated from other equipment
  • downtime due to equipment failure is reduced
  • all boxes have strong locks making equipment secure
  • lots of space for advertising on sides and at back
  • the clean, professional look attracts potential customers